Glass Repair

Chip Repair

Windshield repair is safe, effective, convenient and takes less than 30 minutes to complete. We can repair chips and nicks up to the size of a quarter. A quality windshield repair will restore the structural integrity of the windshield, help prevent the damage from spreading, and make the blemish less noticeable, without removing and replacing the glass and most insurance companies will waive your comprehensive deductible and cover the cost of the repair leaving you paying nothing.

Because every windshield damage is different there is no way of predicting the outcome of a chip repair. So, in the event that you are not satisfied with the look of the repair or should the repair split at any time from the original damaged area Castle Auto Glass will credit the cost of the repair to you or your insurance company towards a windshield replacement with our company.

Fleet Repair

Castle Auto Glass installs and repairs auto glass damage on all consumer, commercial and fleet vehicles. We have a long history of exceptional customer service, expansive auto repair experience, and valued respect from our past customers. We have experience with all makes and models of domestic and foreign cars, vans, light – medium – heavy size trucks, and all commercial vehicles and buses. Castle Auto Glass understands and values the importance of your fleet maintenance. You need quality glass repairs made quickly and efficiently.

Castle Auto Glass can rescue your fleet vehicles FAST
Get to where they are FAST…
Get them repaired FAST…
& Get them back on the road FAST.

On-Site Repairs

We offer free on-site* mobile service at any location convenient for you – home, work, storage facility, etc. We can repair front, side, and rear glass panes on all vehicles. Your windshield repair should take from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the vehicle. Castle Auto Glass requires safe repair of glass. If more time or service is required for safe repair our qualified technicians will notify you.

* On-site mobile service may not be available for all glass repairs. For your safety, Castle Auto Glass reserves the right to delegate which repairs are available for on-site service.

Drive In / Drop Off Repairs

Castle Auto Glass offers service at our new drive-in drop off facility. Most repairs are completed same day, but for those that require additional time you can take advantage of our rental service so you can drop off and drive away in minutes. Since your windshield repair should take from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the vehicle, we have a comfortable waiting room where you can wait while repairs are made.  Castle Auto Glass requires safe repair of glass, so if more time or service is required for safe repair our qualified techicans will notify you.

Castle Auto Glass Lifetime Repair Warranty –  Windshield repairs are warranted for as long as you own your vehicle. If the repair should crack or run from the original point of repair, Castle Auto Glass, Inc. will apply the cost of the repair toward the replacement cost of a new windshield with our company.  If your windshield repair was covered by your comprehensive insurance you are responsible to pay your comprehensive deductible towards your windshield replacement.


Most insurance companies will waive the deductible and pay for the cost of the chip repair. Castle Auto Glass can assist you in finding out what your coverage is and if it would benefit you to file a claim or just pay the cost of your repair.

We offer the lowest possible price for out of pocket expenses for any auto glass replacement.

A cracked windshield is considered a “not your fault” claim and will not raise premiums. However, it does depend on how your windshield was damaged, which insurance provider you have, and the type of coverage on your policy. Call our office or fill out our online Free Estimate form to help us verify the level of coverage available to you. Call to set up a repair today!